various way to read files(Python tips)

Hello World.

Do you know that there are a variety of way to read files on Python?

1. simple way

this is the most simple way.
No Problem!
sample code is below…

1:  f = open(filename, "r")
2:  for i in f:
3:      print i,
4:  f.close()

2. using codecs module

if you want to select the characteristic code, this way is useful.
sample code is below…

1:  import codecs
2:  f =, "r", "utf-8")
3:  for i in f:
4:      print i,
5:  f.close()

in this sample, characteristic code is selected utf-8.

3. my favarite way on Linux

I like this way.
because this is the most smart.
this way use sys module.
sample code is below…

1:  import sys
2:  for i in sys.stdin:
3:      print i,

it is so cool, isn’t it?
you note that when you run the code on Linux, you type like below.

$ python < filename

I recommend third way.
try it!



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